March 16, 2010

Little Leprechaun

Our Leprechauns
(I made the boy one and my daughter made the girl one - she said she was a girl so she had to make a girl leprechaun and she did not understand why I made a boy one. She kept saying "But mom, you're a girl, why are you making a boy one?" At first I told her, "I think there are only boy leprechauns," then I thought...if we are saying there are leprechauns at all, we can definitely say there are girl ones.)
the back of them
the one from family fun

These are easy to make and you probably have most the stuff you need to make it already. Here is what you need:

toilet paper roll
green craft foam
green, brown, pink, and skin-tone paint
black permanent marker
tacky glue
brown pipe cleaners
And a decorative button if you have one

*We used construction paper rather than painting which I liked A LOT more. We also made a little clover out of sparkly green pipe cleaner for the top of the hat instead of a decorative button. I tried to make it a lucky four leaf clover, but it looked too much like a marijuana leaf, so we opted for the three leaf clover. We also used the googly eyes instead, which the kids liked better. We used a glue stick, tape, and hot glue gun to stick everything on.

Click HERE to see the instructions from Family Fun.

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