March 09, 2010

Repurposing a Crib

Crib Spring Picture Holder. I saw this awesome idea from Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous, and I wanted to make one for the empty wall space above my couch. It was really easy, and I made it for under $10. The main thing of course is that you need a crib spring. I searched on Craigslist for a week or so until I found someone giving one away for free. Since there was the big recall, it was pretty easy to find one. Then you need burlap (it took me almost 2 yards). I got mine at Walmart for $2.50/yard. I cut the burlap into strips that were one inch wide by varying lengths. Anywhere from about 6 inches long - 10 inches long. Then I just knotted the burlap around the edge of the crib spring. Pretty easy!

To hang the pictures on, I painted about 40 clothes pins (I got mine at Walmart, a pack of 50 for $1.50 I think) and painted the tops of them white. I left some of them just white, and decorated some of them with buttons, ribbons, paper flowers, little jewels, magnets, whatever I could find in my scrapbooking stuff.

(sorry for the bad picture quality)

To hang it on the wall, I used a stud finder, leveler, yard stick, and these pictures hangers available at home depot for $2.50:
I found the studs in the wall, marked it with a pencil, then used the yard stick and leveler to make sure they were even. It was really easy.

Then I hung my family name plaque that I made above it, to see directions for that, click HERE.

*To see Linda's click HERE

Chalkboards made from other crib parts
I saw this on ohdeedoh! I loved this idea. I wish I had gotten a whole crib for free, but I had just gotten the crib spring, but I totally want to do this someday. They were sanded and painted, then made into chalkboards with chalkboard paint (I've seen it at Michael's). I think if it did it, I would try to figure out how to add a little tray at the bottom to put chalk in, I don't know, but I would love to have these in my kids' room.

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  1. Kylee,
    Your crib spring looks awesome!! Way to go!

  2. love the chalkboard idea too. you could glue scrabble letter holders to hold the chalk. just an idea! :-)

  3. Awesome job! I love that you used the other parts of the crib too! Fabulous! : )

  4. Alright, I knew this would happen! I just got rid of our crib last week. I know as soon as I did that, I would see something doing a super cute project with them. Why does that always happen lol!!

    Great job! What a fun picture holder!

    Thanks for linking!
    Poppies at Play

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