April 17, 2010

Birthday Board

This was something that was bought, but I thought it was so cute and could easily be remade. It is a board that was painted and has vinyl lettering, and then ribbons. It came with mini pop-sickle stick type things to wright the name of the person and the day of their birthday, but you could use whatever. I was wondering if they had anything at a craft store like a square metal bead type thing that you could even put a picture of the person in. If you don't want to do vinyl, you could use paint and stencils, or even some stickers and mod podge over it. Anyway, I just thought it was super cute!


  1. This is really cute. I've seen a similar one where someone used mini clothes pins for the names and dates. Such a cute idea!

  2. I was gonna say too, mini clothes pins would work great AND you could use them to add a picture.



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