May 01, 2010

Going on a Trip Presents

So JUST me and my little baby went on a short weekend trip (for a family event) to Utah, leaving my husband and two other kids at home. Fearing that this might be a problem for the two kids (I've never left them before), I came up with a GREAT idea. I shopped around in the dollar section at Target (but the Dollar Store, Walmart, or anywhere will do, really), and found them a cool small little thing. Then I grabbed some lunch sack type gift bags and made them all (not forgetting the hubby), a little present to open each day. It was a BIG hit and the kids (they knew of the presents but not what was in them) kept asking me to leave early so they could open the presents. Examples of things I got (just FYI) were: playdough, Styrofoam dart gun, sticker scrapbook, harmonica (hey, I wasn't going to be there), little candy or crackers, ect, all found for $1 each. Then I labeled them so they knew who they were for and for which day. Really fun for the kids, and fun to have them tell me all about it on the phone. Only downside...this has now set a precedence for all future trips. oh well.

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