May 09, 2010

Shadow Boxes

So I think I pretty much got the blog back to normal for the most time and pretty quick too. My Mom is opening an etsy shop in a couple weeks, so I will be doing my first giveaway then for something from her shop. She makes homemade bows, headbands, jewelry and lots more so stay tuned! Here are my shadow boxes.

I got a pack of three wooden shadow boxes at Michaels. I painted the frames, traced the back part of the frame onto scrapbook paper. I mod podged the scrapbook paper on the back. When everything was dry I hot glued the little decorations inside. My girl's room was in Hello Kitty, so I used to little stuffed animals and a pair of baby ballet slippers. My boy's room was in sports, so I used a sporty Snoopy stuffed animal and some sports balls. Pretty easy room decorations and pretty cheap. You could fill the shadow boxes with more meaningful stuff as well. My friend, called her's 'Memory boxes', and put in her new baby's hospital bracelets and little hospital hat, some pictures of the newborn baby in the hospital and stuff like that that reminds her of the birth. A very cute way to display all that stuff that is a little bulky for a scrapbook, but still precious keepsakes.


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  2. Your shadow boxes are wonderful. My daughter would flip over the Hello Kitty ones! How clever!!!



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