March 02, 2010

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Today, (March 2) is Dr. Seuss's birthday; and who doesn't have like 10 favorite Dr. Seuss books. In honor, we had some Cat in the Hat hats. Really easy, out of red and white construction paper.

The directions.
  • First measure your child's you can see from the pictures, the hat perfectly fits my baby, but just barely rests on top of my daughter's head. Once you have a red construction paper (two or so taped together) that fits around your child's head, make 3-4 one inch wide strips and glue them on.
  • Then tape the hat together into a tube shape that will fit around your child's head.
  • Grab a piece of white construction paper draw a large circle, I used a plate to trace a circle, and cut it out for the brim of your hat.
  • Trace a circle using the paper tube onto the center of your white paper circle and cut it out.
  • Trace another circle using the paper tube onto red paper for the top of your hat.
  • Now slide the white paper hat brim about an inch down the paper tube and cut little slits. (as you can see from the picture with my son wearing the hat, you cut the little slits and fold them down and tape them onto the hat brim).
  • Then tape the top of the hat on and you are good to go.
And you have to make some Dr. Suess snacks. Here are some ideas:

Green Eggs and Ham: Scramble and Cook your eggs but add a couple drops of blue food coloring.

Cat in the Hat: Take a vanilla wafer, put on a dab of vanilla frosting and use red and white gummy lifesavers to make the hat

Or if you are really into it, make these awesome cupcakes from Kitchen DoughDough, how cute are these. Red velvet cupcakes with blue cotton candy.

For some more awesome ideas, or just to see some cool Dr. Suess stuff, check out Croq Zine.

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