July 06, 2010

Oopsey Daisy

I'm featuring "Oopsey Daisy" today. She describes herself as "happy mommy, looking for spicy ideas to beautify, multipurpose, simplify, and refunction." She has lots of cute ideas, including:

(when I saw this I had to put it because I was just talking to my friend the other day about how much we LOVE these blankets, but don't know how to make them)
She also has some great recipes, like Snickerdoodle Muffins ,

You should check out her blog.


  1. Kylee, I am so tickled that you featured me!! I adore your blog, and can't wait to read more!! You just made my day!! THANKS!


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Yes, you've seen my rag quilt blog! 2littlecupcakesblog.blogspot.com.... my friend taught me 2 years ago how to make rag quilts and they are the easiest and SOOOOOO much fun! I have some little ones I started in January that I need to finish! It's so addicting too! Let me know if you make one.



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