December 01, 2009

About Me/Contact

Hi, I'm Kylee, I am a wife to an awesome husband and mom of three little kids
(one girl and two boys) living in Colorado.

I love to cook, bake, make, create, and copy.

I love eating, hanging with family and friends, and sleeping.

My goal is to show you the coolest DIY crafts and home decor thats cheap to make, the best mouth watering recipes, awesome kids activities and family fun.

If you happen to live in my area;
(being the South Denver Metro Area) then you'll appreciate:

The Parks Guide I am creating, which includes pictures and a list of amenities every park has

FREE or low cost family events coming up

A 'THIS WEEKEND' post every week which lists lots of things to do with your kids that are again FREE or really low cost

And really cool family places you can go that are open all the time.


Contact me at:


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