December 08, 2009

No Sew Tulle Tutu

(use red tulle and glue on white felt polka dots to create a minnie mouse skirt)

(Or use green to create Tinker Bell; or use whatever color(s) you want to create your own look!)

So when I made the tutus for my daughter I cheated a little. I know it says 'no sew' but I didn't really like the idea of staples, so i hand stitched the elastic waistband together, which was really very easy and very quick. However, staples do work. Also, they say it takes about 30 minutes to make, but it took me closer to an hour to get the tulle all cut into strips and tied on (just FYI)
What you need:
6 yards of tulle (this may seem like a ton, but for my daughter who has a small waist, this was barely enough)
Elastic for waistband (1/2 inch - 1 inch thick)
staples (or needle and thread to hand stitch)

Next, here is the website I used that has step by step directions and pictures. Good luck!

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