December 03, 2009

Chicken Salad Pitas

One of my favorite types of 'sandwhiches'. It calls for canned chicken. Normally I am not a fan of canned meat, but there are TWO recipes I have that call for canned chicken, and I think they are quite good. I only; however, buy a certain kind of canned chicken. Here is the recipe:

3 cans of VALLEY FRESH white chicken (make sure you get the only white, I don't like the white and dark chicken)
Miracle Whip
Slivered Almonds
Seasoned Salt

So first you open the canned chicken, drain it, and dump it into a bowl. Take a fork and shred it up (don't leave any chunks - we don't like chunks.) Then take maybe 1-2 cups of mayo and 1-2 cups of miracle whip (depending on how wet you like it) and add to chicken. I know there is the whole mayo vs. miracle whip controversy. My husband is a mayo fan and the miracle whip gives it a little zing. He still does not know I put miracle whip in the chicken salad. Next, add about 1/4 cup of slivered almonds and 20 or so cut up grapes. Stir, add the seasonings. Now, this recipe is totally changeable. I love sliced celery in my chicken salad. You can also add sliced apples, pineapple, really whatever you want. You can also serve it on croissants, rolls, bread, or if you are like my husband, just eat it straight out of the bowl. Enjoy!

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